METS Ignited in collaboration with Innovation Central Perth is offering two Western Australia-based companies a sponsored annual membership for the Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment (WISE) Program.  ICP’s WISE Program helps SMEs evaluate new cost-effective sensor technologies, accelerating their ability to efficiently analyse appropriate solutions to deliver innovative efficiencies across their supply chains.

With more data available, in shorter timeframes, on an expanding number of devices – IoT sensors and data collection are changing the nature of the mining industry and providing METS (Mining Equipment, Technology and Services) companies with significant opportunity to develop new applications to capture and extract value.  METS Ignited is dedicated to helping the Australian METS sector develop globally competitive skills and knowledge, and drive the adoption of digital technologies and innovation into industry.

About the WISE Program

The WISE Program assists ambitious companies, who are yet to fully embark on the IoT/data analysis journey, to accelerate their progress with the opportunity to gain critical skills and knowledge in this field. 

The 12-month program will help METS companies develop the skills and knowledge needed to create and implement wireless IoT applications either as extensions to existing products or in creating entirely new products and income streams for their company.

It is focused on delivering foundational learning in Sensors, Visualisation Platforms, Data Science and Networks & Communications.  If you don’t know the difference between LoRaWAN, Wifi, NB-IOT and Indrasync but want to develop IoT products then consider this program.

What is included in the WISE Program?

WISE provides an environment and resources to collaborate and build real world industrial IoT solutions.

Each of the two individual memberships are worth $10,000 and will entitle the successful METS companies to full membership benefits for one year, including:

Download the WISE program brochure here.

Who should apply:

METS companies who know they need to embark on a development path utilising IoT sensors to increase the value they deliver to the mining industry, but lack the deep technical knowledge to know how to develop, build and test prototypes.  This pathway can be based on their existing products and/or services or could be an investigation into new possibilities.  Please read the Terms and Conditions for full eligibility details.

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