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Data Scientists are some of the most in-demand professionals in the world. They work across all sectors and industries, using various tools and analytical approaches to uncover patterns in data and elicit strategic business insights and predictions. Data science is dominated by mathematics, statistics and programming but requires a level of business acumen and analytics. The role may require defining and designing data collection systems, machine learning/AI, communication of insights and visualisation of results. The requirements on a data scientist are diverse and vary with each role but generally will require a statistical programming language (e.g Python), SQL, libraries and frameworks for machine learning (e.g TensorFlow) and tools such as RapidMiner.

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  • Lecturer, ‘Big Data’ Analytics for Health Research Curtin Perth

    This role will involve engaging in both research and education in this fast moving field, developing a distinctive research profile and collaborating with our growing community of scholars and industry partners from government, commerce, and society. Using machine learning tools as well as more traditional statistical and/or epidemiological methods, you will develop insights and innovative techniques to drive research analytics solutions for health research and support the delivery of teaching into this new exciting field.


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