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We provide a range of free, tailored services, such as one-on-one advisory, upskilling programmes, and design thinking workshops to help you achieve data science readiness, improve capability and advance your projects.

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“Water Corporation has worked with WADSIH over the past few years across a broad range of Data Science topics. This has helped us connect with industry peers and keep updated with innovation in Data Science, especially from an agnostic view of products or vendors.
The WADSIH network across Perth has also helped us identify and recruit data professionals into our organisation. We aim to maintain this valuable relationship with WADSIH”.

“InteliCare engaged with the WA Data Science and Integration Hub to help us obtain world-class resources to boost our development team’s machine learning capability. They did this quickly and effectively, plus made a host of other introductions from their extensive network. We have since continued with this program beyond the initial engagement and it was extremely cost-effective. It was a great way to get off the ground with minimal risk to both our time and budget”.

“WADSIH has been supporting Fleetwood on our digitisation journey, providing expert advise and industry connections to support our projects. Their design thinking workshop helped us to map out our internal processes and identify gaps and opportunities for our organisation to progress forward”.

“WADSIH has provided guidance and support to WA Police Force’s newly created Data Science and Analytics division. Still in its infancy, the division has reached out to WASDIH to for advice, recommendations and facilitation services relating to our data science projects. The expertise and knowledge that WASDIH have provided throughout this collaboration has been outstanding and we look forward to a continued relationship in the future”.