Industry-Based Student Projects

Industry-based projects provide students with unique real-world skills and experience, whilst exposing business professionals to the up-and-coming data science talent in WA.

Students benefit from industry-led projects as they have the opportunity to work on real-world problems, gain valuable exposure to industry and company-specific project management, as well having a tangible application for the technical skills they are learning via their studies.

But the rewards extend beyond that of the student, with organisations experiencing fantastic outcomes and benefits, including:

technical resources dedicated to solving a technical problem at a lower (or no) cost
having a team member dedicated to one challenge only which results in faster results for the company
making progress on lower priority projects without diluting in-house resources
having the opportunity to assess the quality of students for prospective hiring
students bring a fresh perspective and a new way of looking at and solving problems; and
strengthening industry-academic relationships

Industry-Based Student Projects

University students are encouraged to undertake industry-based projects to gain workplace skills, both technical and professional skills, to adequately prepare them for the workforce.

Each WA university offers different types of industry-led project opportunities. You can view the University offerings below.