NERA has launched a new, open innovation challenge program to help boost SMEs in the energy resources supply chain.

GeneratER has been established by NERA and offers SMEs (including those currently outside of the sector) the opportunity to capture a greater share of the multi-billion dollar spend in the energy resources supply chain.

GeneratER has been designed to address the challenges faced by Australian SMEs to help them move up the supply chain by driving innovation and productivity, while simultaneously growing local businesses and jobs.

WA Minister for State Development, Roger Cook, welcomed the launch of the program in Western Australia, which will be followed by challenges to be rolled out nationally.

“The Western Australian Government is partnering with NERA to deliver the GeneratER program, which will help SMEs from across WA connect with the energy supply chain, demonstrate local solutions to industry challenges and maximise opportunities for collaboration and innovation,” said Minister Cook.

GeneratER’s WA-based program has seen NERA partner with operators and large contractors in the energy resources sector to identify a range of operational or business challenges and opportunities that, if solved, will contribute to improved efficiency and sustainability and grow local jobs.

The first challenges to be launched:

  1. Provide a simplified ‘test strip’ technique for field operators to confirm Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG) quality without the need for complex laboratory analysis.
  2. Reduce health and safety risk to personnel through the use of drones certified to fly into hazardous areas to investigate abnormal situations through onboard sensors.
  3. Provide solutions for automated, remotely monitored sensing and data aggregation/tracking for cathodic protection status and system amperage/voltage for oilfield wells on Barrow Island.

Expressions of Interest are now open for the challenges and more information on the Program can be found here.

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