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Evolving your era of AI journey – Webinar Series

May 9 - June 4


Insight is having a five-part webinar to help you navigate your AI journey. Learn about how AI can be used to benefit your everyday life, and how it can change your business landscape!

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  • Webinar 1: If your AI isn’t game-changing, is it game-over?
    • Learn more about everyday AI and game-changing AI, and the importance of an adaptive AI strategy
  • Webinar 2: Get started with Copilot: Your Zero-Cost AI Assistant
    • Learn more about Copilot, the method of prompt engineering, and the foundational elements related to governance and privacy to adopt AI in a responsible manner
  • Webinar 3:  Innovate and Automate: Transforming Digital Creativity with Adobe Generative AI
    • This session will cover how Adobe’s Acrobat AI can help you increase your efficiency by summarising and formatting your PDF documents.
  • Webinar 4: Building your business case and maximising your investment in Copilots
    • Uncover the landscape of generative AI – this session will guide you on leveraging generative AI for enhancing productivity, engagement and long-term success within your organisation.
  • Webinar 5: Discover the latest updates with Microsoft Copilots
    • Learn about the latest features of Copilot to stay ahead of the ever-changing AI technologies.

We hope to see you online!