Upcoming data science events in Western Australia


We aim to strengthen and grow the WA Data Science community by collaborating, learning and connecting with like-minded individuals across all industries and sectors.
Check out some of the fantastic upcoming events below.


September 7 - October 5

Data & AI in Finance


Data Futurology is bringing you a weekly series of interviews every Tuesday at 2:30pm, that explores how data leaders are delivering with AI.

The financial services industry was one of the first to recognise the opportunity that AI presented and the benefits are now widely recognised in the industry. From fraud detection, customer service, operations management and developing new projects, AI is being deployed across the board. To achieve value from AI, large-scale deployments are necessary.

Join expert guests and 400+ industry peers who will attend virtually to explore how to get on the offence with AI.

September 20 12.00 - 3.00pm

The Digital Manufacturing Expo

Innovation Central Perth, Level 2, Building 216, Curtin University, Bentley Campus

Innovation Central Perth is inviting industry, academics and students to visit a Digital Manufacturing Expo held at Innovation Central Perth.

This expo will bring together different companies to showcase emerging digital manufacturing trends and insights into Industry 4.0. This expo is a free, catered event featuring trade displays from an array of digital manufacturing companies. The event is open to industry, academics, students, and others interested in IoT technology, 5G network, 3D printing, Predictive data, AI analytics and more.

September 23 3:00-5.00pm

Data Science Discovery: Mining

139 St Georges Tce, Perth

Australia’s mining industry is certainly one of the most advanced sectors when it comes to digital transformation and the application of data science.

Data science and analytics can be applied in every stage of the mining process – from extraction and processing to safety and logistics, and we’re seeing improvements and efficiencies that will only continue to grow as mining innovation evolves even further.

Join us alongside industry professionals in the mining sector as we explore the many applications for data science and analytics within this leading innovative sector.


October 6 8.00am AWST

Virtual Big Data & Analytics


Predicting natural disasters, responding to emergency situations, countering cyberattacks, or even managing a global pandemic – the use cases for public sector data sets are almost endless. With the public sector increasingly aware of the value of big data, it has become a critical asset. However in-light of increasing volume, velocity and variety of data, coupled with a need to promote and protect information privacy, extracting actionable insights remains a challenge for many government departments. To help your department harness analytics and glean actionable insight from big data sets we’ve put together Public Sector Network’s Big Data & Analytics Virtual Event. The event has been carefully curated to showcase tangible use cases of big data to help you deliver citizen-centric outcomes.

View further information here.


November 10 - August 11

Machine Learning in Mining Conference

The Westin Perth

The first annual Machine Learning in Mining conference will include deep-dive informative case studies from mining companies and METS, as well as technology keynotes and panel sessions. The event will showcase how companies are deploying Machine Learning and AI models at scale, increasing productivity and enabling more efficient and environmentally sustainable outcomes.  This is a rare opportunity to discover how exciting new technologies can be applied – with a focus on implementation and lessons learned.