Upcoming data science events in Western Australia


We aim to strengthen and grow the WA Data Science community by collaborating, learning and connecting with like-minded individuals across all industries and sectors.
Check out some of the fantastic upcoming events below.


June 1 1.00 - 2.00PM AWST

Webinar: Geological Knowledge Discovery using Machine Augmented Intelligence


With the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in our daily lives such as for information search, online shopping, and virtual assistant AIs, the geoscience domain has also been active in the uptake of machine learning and AI to assist in interpreting geology from data.

This talk presents innovative machine-assisted technologies that improve the efficiency and the robustness of geological interpretation of different types of geodata used in the resource industry.

A number of applications of machine learning were developed in collaboration with the mining industry for the analysis and integration of multi-modal drill hole data. These applications integrate the algorithms and workflows to assist human decisions. The approach is to provide end users the control of the algorithmic process as much as possible; and to enable a seamless integration of algorithms in the interpreter’s workflow using interactive visualisation.

This talk also presents ongoing AI research that extracts geological insights from documents using machine reading of text. It applies advanced text mining methods and constructs a graph-based knowledge base called a knowledge graph to store and access geological information. Case studies on different mineral deposits demonstrate the effectiveness of the methods for rapidly and robustly transforming text data into structured information that faithfully represents the contents of the source reports.

June 2 1.00 - 2.00PM AWST

Webinar – Extracting Geotechnical Data from Core Imagery using Machine Learning


Extracting geotechnical data from imagery offers some significant improvements in observation consistency as well as unlocking new types of geotechnical data not able to be efficiently collected manually. Leveraging imagery as a basis for logging also allows for geotechnical observations to visually recorded improving the chain of custody for these high value datasets.

About the speaker – Brenton Crawford, Chief Operating Officer, Datarock

After studying structural geology and geophysics at Monash University, Brenton Crawford has consulted as a structural geologist and geophysicist for PGN Geoscience as well as working in a variety of geological and geophysical roles—predominantly in exploration. Brenton has also worked as a geophysicist and data scientist for MMG Exploration working in Nickel, Copper and Zinc exploration and project generation.

In 2015, Brenton co-founded Solve Geosolutions – an exploration and mining focused data science consultancy where he currently serves as Director. In 2019, Brenton co-founded Datarock – a computer vision technology company geared at building productionised image and video analysis solutions for exploration and mining.

June 22 - 23 9am - 5pm

Data Science for Business Conference and Exhibition 2022

Pan Pacific Hotel Perth, Western Australia
This two-day event is being opened by the Hon Stephen Dawson, Minister for Emergency Services; Innovation and ICT; Medical Research; Volunteering. This exciting event will bring together up to 800 industry professionals and data science providers to explore how data science can be used to support the growth and innovation of WA businesses.
The Conference & Exhibition will include:
  • 25+ local data science providers showcasing their products & services
  • Informative & practical case studies from WA business leaders
  • Hands-on skill development workshops
  • Interactive panel discussions and audience engagement opportunities
  • Important discussion around diversity & inclusion in data science
  • Ample networking opportunities and sundowner events
  • Student employment and professional development opportunities
We’ve got some exciting speakers and topics lined up, and we can’t wait to share these with you over the coming weeks.
June 28 - 29

Scaling AI APAC


Join us at Corinium’s Scaling AI Online APAC event, taking place on 28 – 29 June 2022! Join this Summit, as we showcase the emerging trends in AI-driven optimisation, a ‘how-to’ of leveraging advanced ML & DL capabilities, so you can transform your business and deliver advanced organisational knowledge, data, and information.

Hear real-word case studies, business insights and lessons learned from leaders in innovation, technology, and integration to discover the best strategies, tools & methods for tapping into the potential of AI in the enterprise across industries!

Learn emerging trends in AI-driven automation, to leverage advanced ML & DL capabilities to discover how it can transform your business and deliver advanced organisational knowledge, data, and information!