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The Western Australia Police Force x WADSIH Hackathon 2024 was a complete success.

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Increasing the uptake, education, training and awareness of data science and artificial intelligence (AI) in Western Australia. 

An AI Tutor for Every Child

Director, Alex Jenkins, asks us to imagine a world where there is a tutor for every child, regardless of their wealth, location or their background. With technology such as ChatGPT Alex talks about the possibility of every child in the classroom having a tutor and the positive impact this can have on education.


WA Health Hackathon 2023 Launch

WA Health Hackathon 2023 Launch The WA Health Hackathon is here! Photo Caption (L-R): Ivana Deng, Chris Bashall, Tim Sondalini and Andy Meakin. WA Health Hackathon Launch 2023: A celebration

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