Data Science Upskilling Bootcamp

Data Science Upskilling Bootcamp

Value Creation with Data Science Professionals

The WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH), in conjunction with Halliburton, hosted the Data Science Upskilling Bootcamp – an interactive and hands-on online workshop for WA industry professionals.

The Challenge

We live in the Industry 4.0 era, which relies on big data analytics. For meaningful big data analytics, we need experienced and knowledgeable Data Scientists, however, there is a lack of talent. There are, however, very experienced domain experts already within WA organisations. We have the opportunity to transform that talent to think, work, and create value like a Data Scientist.

The Solution

Participants were selected based on how the learnings from the bootcamp could be implemented into their business operations to allow them to become more data driven. The workshop was facilitated and led by Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton and Adjunct Professor, Oklahoma State University. His team of data scientists worked closely with participants to upskill them in areas of data science applicable to their organisations.

The Benefits

• 85% of surveyed participants have been able to apply their learnings in their current role to help guide their team members, develop new business and data models, apply machine learning modelling to their projects and improve their data analysis.

• 86% have reported an increase in the use of data science within their business, with some claiming it is now a major development focus for the business and they are now exploring data science based solutions for their customers

• So far, 3 of the 10 organisations have hired additional staff with data science capability



The Future

WADSIH and our collaborators are delighted by the feedback and success of this bootcamp, and we look forward to offering further data science bootcamps through the WADSIH Upskilling Program. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement on the next bootcamp dates!