WA Health Hackathon 2023

Challenge 5: Improving Clinical Processes Through New Technologies

Challenge Statement: Hospitals are complex systems with data being transferred from patient to nurse, to doctor, to surgeon, to GP and back to the patient – all through a variety of technologies. 

With new technologies emerging every day how could we use artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase efficiencies in clinical practice? 

Supporting Mentors

Francesco De Toni – South Metropolitan Health Service 

Girish Dwivedi – Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research 

Elizabeth Cavalli – Child and Adolescent Health Service 

Coquessa Jones – Health Support Services 

Charle Qui – North Metropolitan Health Service 

Anthony Osborough – North Metropolitan Health Service 

Aqif Mukhtar – North Metropolitan Health Service 

Amy Fouhy – Perth Children’s Hospital 

Pippa Blatchford – North Metropolitan Health Service 

Potential Focus Questions 

This is a complex Challenge and you may find it useful to consider the following questions when building out your prototype: 

  • Emergency Department staff are under immense pressure – constantly. How can we improve our systems interactivity to reduce data inputting time and errors?  
  • Clinicians produce extensive notes to outline the care patients need. How can we use modern tools to capture the data in these notes effectively?  
  • Can we apply better design approaches to making a hospital’s systems and processes more effective and easier to use correctly. 

Critical Concepts 

Emergency Departments and Hospitals are incredibly complex organisations. You may want to talk to your Challenge Mentors about the following ideas as you develop your prototype: 

  • Current systems available in Emergency Departments. 
  • System architecture of Emergency Departments  
  • Roadmap for improvement of technologies and systems in Emergency Departments.  
  • How clinicians take notes and what they are required to note down 

Supporting Data Sets 

To be announced.

Find the outline of data against challenges here.

Potential Solution Pathways 

You are free to resolve this Challenge by developing your prototype in whatever means you may like. Our mentors, partners and organising team have thought of the following techniques as being viable methods to resolve the Challenge: 

  • OCR process to digest and process clinical notes. 
  • UX mock-ups and wireframes that relate to user inputs.