WA Health Hackathon 2023

Welcome to the WA Health Hackathon 2023

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This year’s WA Health Hackathon is brought to you by WA Data Science Innovation Hub (WADSIH), the Department of Health (DoH)MicrosoftWA Life Science Hub and the Department of WA North Metropolitan Health Service. There will be six Challenges for WA’s innovators, technologists and software gurus to resolve.

These Challenges cover a variety of different elements of WA’s healthcare systems. Each of the Challenges will be paired with supporting data and dedicated mentors. These Challenges are big and complex! They will require participants to dedicate slightly more time to developing and testing their ideas than a normal hackathon would require. To help this we will be having dedicated mentoring sessions and a week-long, moderated chat system to help answer any questions that teams might have.

How to register to access the data

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Step 1: Create a GitHub account

Step 2: Register your GitHub handle here

Step 3: We will then grant you access to the data

Step 4: Once you’ve been granted access, click on the challenge below for the link to the specific data set


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Frequently Asked Questions


You can contact WADSIH via wadsih@curtin.edu.au or reach out to Hackathon Lead, Tim Sondalini at tim.sondalini@curtin.edu.au