Data Science in Western Australia Report

WADSIH was excited to release the report into Data Science in Western Australia: What we do today will pave the way for a better tomorrow.

The report was unveiled by the Hon. Dave Kelly MLA, Minister for Water; Forestry; Innovation and ICT; Science; Youth at the historic 137 St Georges Terrace.

The report found:

  • Over 32,000 people employed full-time in data science in WA
  • 93% of organisations rank data science as vital for their future
  • Urgent demand for “citizen data scientists” to grow capability

The Minister commented that “Data science skills are already providing tremendous benefit to WA, whether predicting the spread of disease, distilling insights from the enormous quantities of space data coming from radio astronomy projects in the Mid-West or the ongoing technological advancements in our thriving mining industry.”

“This report reiterates the need to continue our investment in facilitating homegrown data science skills, and the need to continue working collaboratively with industry and academia to build data literacy and skills to ensure the WA workforce is ready to capitalise on the many opportunities that data science can bring.”

Download the report HERE.

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