Welcome to the WADSIH Team, Shannon Hansen

Welcome to the WADSIH Team, Shannon Hansen

We’re pleased to have Shannon Hansen join the WADSIH team! Shannon has been appointed as Events Officer at the hub.

Shannon will be supporting the team in delivery of WADSIH-led events and activities, and applying her vast skillset to help foster collaboration, promote expertise, and advocate for data literacy across WA.

Shannon has extensive experience in event coordination and management. Her most recent role as Event & Marketing Coordinator at one of Australia’s largest child advocacy organisations involved delivering large-scale exhibitions, conferences and corporate networking events; developing strategies to promote the sector; and raising the profile of the professionals within.

With a Bachelor of Science behind her, and a flair for marketing and events, Shannon brings a unique blend of skills: detail-oriented, disciplined and methodical yet inquisitive and creative.

We’re thrilled to have Shannon join the team.

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