The WA Data Science Innovation Hub is pleased to announce the WA Medical Datathon 2020 delivered in partnership with AWS, Telethon Kids Institute and MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub. The Datathon will bring together people working across a wide range of industries to explore how data analysis and digital technology could revolutionise patient care.

It will include four Weekend Collaboration Sessions held over two weekends in November where participants will work in multidisciplinary teams to explore data science driven solutions to healthcare challenges. The sessions will kick off with a launch event on Friday 6th November.

Participants will be able to attend either in person, or virtually with support from AWS.

We recognise that the best solutions come when passionate people with diverse skills and experience work together. So, we are looking for participants from a variety of sectors including healthcare, digital technologies, data science and product design to get involved in the Datathon.

You don’t need to have technical data science skills to participate in the Datathon. To develop smart, patient-centric solutions we need subject matter experts, innovators, design thinkers and data scientists working together.

We will be specifically curating teams for the Weekend Collaboration Sessions based on bringing together a diverse group of people with different skills and experiences. Each team will be led by a clinician to ensure solutions are clinically guided.

Visit our Medical Datathon website to learn more and register for this event.


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