In the post-genomic era, the biological sciences have become increasingly data-driven, meaning they rely much more heavily on analysing and interpreting large quantities of data. Bioinformatics merges biological and chemical contextual expertise with that of computational science, statistics, and data science. Most university graduates have a background in one or two of these areas, but bioinformatics requires a true multi-disciplinary skill set.

To address this need, the new Master of Bioinformatics course at ECU will enable students to develop their knowledge and skills across these discipline areas. A particular strength of the ECU course will be the vocational focus. The course lecturers are experienced biological researchers drawn from the genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics fields and engaged in environmental, plant and clinical research, with expertise spanning from analytical chemistry to artificial neural networks.

Importantly, the course will also provide a springboard for employment; in their last semester, students will undertake a semester-long work placement project with a relevant employment partner. This will help ensure that students not only gain the skills they need but are also world ready when they graduate.

The first cohort of domestic students are able to apply for a 15% fee reduction scholarship (for the duration of their course). For further information or apply see the course page here.


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