Startup Spotlight – Tracked

Startup Spotlight – Tracked

We’re pleased to bring you this blog by Tracked.

Tracked was co-founded by three aussie mates on a mission to reinvent analytics education. Chris Hui, Dushyant Sharma and Jason Holman set out on the mission “To create the most personalised educational pathway to a career in analytics” and have developed a fantastic platform that is shaping the future of digital upskilling. 

Tracked – Where will a career in data take you?

McKinsey estimates as many as 375 million workers – or 14 % of the global workforce – would have to switch occupations or reskill by 2030 as automation and AI continue to advance. Lifelong learning has no longer become a nice-to-have, but a strategic pillar to be developed as businesses struggle with a digital talent shortage. With COVID-19 redefining borders, the war for talent has accelerated like never before. Companies like Atlassian, Afterpay and Canva, to name but a few, are increasingly challenged to find digital talent both locally and abroad. Digital Skills Acquisition has now become a global challenge, where Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) will not be the answer.

MOOCs, while broadly available, have completion rates as low as ~3%, even for courses from renowned institutions like MIT. We believe this isn’t tied to a lack of quality, but rather three-fold. Firstly, a lack of accountability exists where individuals are pushed to learn in a self-paced environment with no penalties for a lack of completion. Secondly, solo learning has its limits where individuals feeling frustrated without a peer support group will likely drop out as will-power to learn wanes over time. Thirdly, there is a lack of connectivity between technologies taught, where learning resources don’t showcase how the differing technologies connect, reflective of a workplace environment.

So, what’s the solution?

We believe the answer comes down to Platform Based Cohort Learning (PBCL) situated around the students learning aptitudes.

Meet Tracked. Tracked is a new-age EdTech focused on an alternative to technical skills education with an emphasis on platform-based workflows that show learners how to link together multiple technologies, representative of a business’s actual workflows. Learners choose one of four job paths with deliberately mapped technical workflows that fit the specific jobs speciality, so students know how the platforms they learn map to their job of interest. All learning resources at Tracked are mapped to one of three learning aptitudes, accounting for the differences in learner interpretation grouped via theoretical, practical and hybrid learning styles.

The difference that separates Tracked from other EdTech companies is our emphasis on personalisation for the learner mapped against our platform workflow integrations to specific job paths. No other EdTech does this. Our platform accurately captures learning data in real-time, which feeds into our ProActive Reinforcement Learning System (PARLS), enabling us to actively identify student pain points, without requiring additional resources for optimising the learner experience.” – Chris Hui, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder

Beyond technical learning aptitudes, Tracked heavily emphasises the focus on accountability through two approaches. Students are paired for weekly 1:1 calls with a delegated Guide from companies like Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft, that help students learn and build their competencies. This accountability is further established through small study pods sized between 4 – 8 learners. Students navigate the program with their learning group where they build genuine connections and don’t feel like a single face amongst hundreds of others in a nameless Slack Channel.

“We deliberately built Tracked in this manner with an emphasis on learning cohesion through accountable study pods where no student learns alone. With our custom content, students see the everyday practicality of analytics without being lost in jargon.” – Jason Holman, Head of Business Operations and Student Experience

Finally, learners see first-hand how the technical workflows integrate in real businesses. Tracked has exclusive content from corporations across Australia, highlighting how businesses like Horizon Power and GeoMoby use data and analytics to power their everyday businesses in a relatable and practical manner.

New ways of learning and digital upskilling will be required as businesses seek to pivot digitally and upskill their workforce. Tracked will be one of the major players seeking to retool, reskill and redefine how to lower the barriers to entry for Australian businesses and customers seeking to bridge the gap in digital literacy and data analytics.


About Tracked

Tracked was co-founded by Chris Hui, Dushyant Sharma and Jason Holman to disrupt the issues they saw in the EdTech environment from the lenses of product learning experience and cost effectiveness. Chris previously worked as the Product Lead for Microsoft and Springboards Joint Venture where he created the Data Analytics Career Track, a 6-month end-to-end Data Analytics course focused on helping individuals pivot into a career in tech. Since Microsoft’s roll out in 2019, thousands of graduates across the US have pivoted their careers to companies like Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Zoom and Atlassian all without a traditional Computer Science background. Chris is a strong believer in alternative education models and seeks to bridge the technical talent gap with an emphasis on Platform Based Cohort Learning in a remote-first world.

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