In the last few days we have all come to realise how much we rely on, and will have to rely on, digital technologies. We live in an increasingly digital world where the innovative use of data science is at the forefront of the digital transformation impacting all industries across the globe.

Given the current environment, with many of us now working through remote means, the uptake and acceleration of digital technologies may progress even faster. This uptake of digital technologies leads to an increase in the generation of data, which can result in a range of opportunities for business. The key is how you unlock these data driven opportunities – this is where data science comes in. The field of data science is exciting and constantly evolving – as a country we are increasingly needing people with the right skills to be able to analyse the data available and draw meaningful insights from it. If you are considering pursuing a career in data science, it really will be a rewarding pathway for the future. And now, more than ever, is a great time to consider a career in data science.

1.High Demand

Data science is a highly relevant career choice with a multitude of potential job opportunities. Data scientists are in demand because they have the skills necessary to analyse large amounts of data and unlock important information and insights from it. Understanding trends, discovering new insights, contributing to global business innovation and advances in artificial intelligence – data science is right there leading developments in the digital world. This global business demand for digital advances means there is a high demand for data scientists – and the CSIRO highlighted in their Artificial Intelligence Roadmap that supply is currently failing to meet demand.

2. High Pay

What the high demand for data scientists also means, is that for those working in the data science field, they can expect to be highly paid because of the business value they can generate. Organisations realise the worth of this data information – the insights and predictive ability of data science, and the expertise required to discover it. Consequently, data scientists attract lucrative pay grades as they are well remunerated for being highly valued members of the workforce. According to the Deloitte Access Economics 2018 report – The Future of work: Occupational and education trends in data science in Australia, the forecast income of data science professionals with a postgraduate qualification in information technology in 2021-22 will be $130,176.

3. Respected Role

With the highly analytical nature of data science work, and the high level of expertise required to be a data scientist, the role of a data scientist is highly respected and valued. Many people outside of the data science field may not fully understand what the work of a data scientist involves, but they do understand the depth of knowledge and skill required because they can see the benefits that data science brings – advances that impact all aspects of human kind and our endeavours. With the many amazing digital advances powered by data science, the data science profession is becoming increasingly valued and respected by the community.

4. Versatile Career

If you want a career where you are central to solving complex problems, and these problems are always different and ever-changing, then data science is it. This means that the job of a data scientist is always adapting and evolving with digital and technological advances. The versatility of your career is highlighted by the diversity of data science applications and projects. You might have an interest in progressing your data science career within a particular industry, or enjoy the mix of working on projects across sectors, and across the globe. Just some of the many industries utilising data science include health, science, agriculture and natural resource management, space, engineering, retail, financial and resources.

Data scientists are enabling organisations across a range of industries to translate quantitative data into practical business insights. You should consider a career in data science if you want an occupation that has high demand for jobs, attracts high pay, and is a valued role with versatile career options.

To get started on the path to gaining skills in data science, you can look at a range of free online training courses available to get a taste of what it means to be a data scientist. Also keep an eye out for our list of upskilling courses available in WA. When things get back to normal, WADSIH will be launching some great face to face bootcamps for those looking to gain deep technical expertise.

And if you need some advice about whether a career in data science is right for you, please get in touch with us here at the Hub.


Dr Liz Dallimore & Dr Phil Tucak



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