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6th to 15th November 2020

WA Medical Datathon 2020

The WA Data Science Innovation Hub is pleased to announce the WA Medical Datathon 2020 delivered in partnership with AWS, Telethon Kids Institute and MTPConnect WA Life Sciences Innovation Hub. The Datathon will bring together people working across a wide range of industries to explore how data analysis and digital technology could revolutionise patient care.

It will include four Weekend Collaboration Sessions held over two weekends in November where participants will work in multidisciplinary teams to explore data science driven solutions to healthcare challenges. The sessions will kick off with a launch event on Friday 6th November.

Participants will be able to attend either in person, or virtually with support from AWS.

Register for the Datathon Launch Event and Weekend Collaboration Sessions here

How can I get involved?

Do I need to be a data scientist to participate?

We recognise that the best solutions come when passionate people with diverse skills and experience work together. So, we are looking for participants from a variety of sectors including healthcare, digital technologies, data science and product design to get involved in the Datathon.

Are you a data scientist, ML/AI expert, product owner, clinician, medical research or a student in any of the above? Do you work in public health, deliver frontline health services or use design thinking to build person-centred products? If you answered yes to any of the above then you are a potential candidate for our Medical Datathon!

You don’t need to have technical data science skills to participate in the Datathon. To develop smart, patient-centric solutions we need subject matter experts, innovators, design thinkers and data scientists working together.

We will be specifically curating teams for the Weekend Collaboration Sessions based on bringing together a diverse group of people with different skills and experiences. Each team will be led by a clinician to ensure solutions are clinically guided.

Identifying healthcare challenges

We are currently looking for a range of diverse healthcare challenges to be explored at the Datathon. Each challenge will be allocated to a participating clinician who will lead their team, ensuring solutions are clinically guided.

Challenges can be put forward by clinicians, medical researchers, provider organisations, academia, government and industry participants.

If you have a challenge, you can contact WADSIH with your suggestion at

Introductory Webinar

We will be holding an Introductory Webinar on 21st October 2020 to provide more information on the Datathon. The webinar will be led by WADSIH with speakers from across industry presenting on the need for digital technologies and data science to the healthcare system.

Register for the Introductory Webinar here 

Did you miss our webinar? Don’t worry, you can still view it here.

What will the Datathon involve?

WA Medical Datathon 2020 Launch Event

WADSIH and the Telethon Kids Institute will be hosting a launch event for the Datathon on Friday 6th November at 6pm.

Participants will then meet their team and find out which healthcare challenge they will be tackling over the Weekend Collaboration Sessions.

Weekend Collaboration Sessions

There will be four Weekend Collaboration Sessions running from 11am-2pm (AWST) on Saturday 7th November, Sunday 8th November, Saturday 14th November and Sunday 15th November.

You must be able to commit to attending all Weekend Collaboration Sessions either in person or virtually to participate in the Datathon.

Over the weekend sessions, each team will work together to develop a data science driven solution to their challenge. At the end of the final session, each team will pitch their idea to a panel of judges who will then select the top three proposals.

Following the Datathon, WADSIH will provide further support to those interested in future work through linkages with relevant research or industry projects.

More information on the structure of the sessions and next steps for the top three proposals will be provided in the Introductory Webinar on Wednesday 21st October 2020.

Organising Committee

Dr Liz Dallimore, WA Data Science Innovation Hub

Kate McGilvray, WA Data Science Innovation Hub

Dr Chen Wu, AWS

Alana Atkinson, AWS

Beccy Flock, AWS

Dr Rad Aniba, Telethon Kids Institute


For more information on the Datathon, contact WADSIH at

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