InteliCare Student Industry Project | CASE STUDY

Karyn Clements


Industry-based projects give students the opportunity to solve real-world problems, engage with industry professionals, and gives them a tangible application for the technical skills they are learning via their studies. WADSIH helps to facilitate student-industry connections through technical projects to not only support the next generation of data scientists, but to help expose organisations to the up-and-coming talent in WA.



Curtin’s Bachelor of Advanced Science is designed to increase the industry and research-readiness of students. The course provides greater flexibility and breadth in a students learning development and will produce graduates with highly developed skills in research and problem-solving. These characteristics are highly sought after by employers and are gained via exceptional learning experiences within research or workplace environments.



InteliCare provides a service that allows the elderly and people witha disability to remain at home and live independently. They do this by monitoring movements, room temperature, and a variety of activities via
sensors, allowing carers and families to monitor the client remotely. A simulator called the Container Orientated Load Test (COLT) has been developed to ensure that the system operates within expected parameters. The COLT is a new program and thus InteliCare require someone dedicated to refining the simulator by analysing data collection from households with the data collected from the simulation.



WADSIH works with a large number of organisations to understand their data science skills gaps and help find solutions to fill these gaps. One of these solutions is student placements. WADSIH works with organisations such as InteliCare to help scope suitable projects and then matches students to these projects.
WADSIH placed two Advanced Science students with IntelliCare to complete this industry-based challenge. The students findings are intended to inform improvements to the COLT and increase the accuracy of household simulations, whilst allowing the students to fulfil part of their course requirements.




As a result of the placement, and the success of the students’ outcomes, the two students have continued working with InteliCare beyond the assigned project. Continuing to bridge industry with academia, and assisting with student-industry project placements, remains a focus for WADSIH in 2021.